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Unmade Bed with Linen Bedding

Magically Sweet Dreams For

100% Linen Bedding.
Plant dyed.
Handmade in Europe.

Carefab green background

These sheets are more than just sleeping!

Read why 100% customers choose Carefab

Carefab is for you if...

You care about the environment

Linen fabric is sustainable. 100% biodegradable, even after the dyeing process.

You care about longevity

Our products are handmade from high-quality European 100% linen. With proper care, linen has unmatched longevity.

You care about your health

Our skin can absorb 64% of the chemicals it comes into contact with. That’s why Carefab's products are free of chemicals.

You value
sleep quality

Whether you are a hot sleeper or a cold sleeper, linen allows you to stay warm in winter and cool at the very peak of summer.

You have allergies or sensitive skin

Linen has natural antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties.

You value simplicity, style and comfort

Linen only gets softer with time and you don't need to iron it. With little effort, your bed is cozy with a stylishly rumpled look.

Discover the wonders of linen sheets

We spend one-third of our lives sleeping. With Carefab’s bedding, you can enjoy quality sleep while moving towards a more sustainable world.

Carefab bedding with morning coffee
Dried plants as natural dyes

The forgotten art of natural dyes

Surround your body with pure natural colors. Our bedding is completely free of chemicals thanks to an ancient plant-based dyeing process.

Longevity is our priority

Carefab's bedding is carefully handmade out of 100% high-quality European Linen that lasts 3-5x longer than any other commonly used fabrics.

Child sitting on Carefab Linen Bedding

Flax, the linen plant, loves CO2!

Up to 2.1 tons of CO2 is absorbed per ton of flax produced


The Flax plant needs a lot less water!

60% less water is required to grow flax compared to cotton

A conscious choice  

Linen is known as one of the most sustainable fabrics on our planet. Organic linen is grown without synthetic fungicides, pesticides and herbicides, in fields that are healthier for farmers, wildlife and surrounding communities.

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